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Yoga and Golf have a lot in common, both combine physical and mental exercise. Combining golf and yoga is a way to develop balance, enhance concentration, optimise breathing and movements to help improve golf performance. Yoga for Golfers applies the principles of yoga — flexibility, strength, core conditioning, balance and mental focus – to success on the golf course. Since many years, the physical preparation of many PGA Tour players has been based on Yoga exercises.


The yoga classes for golfers offer the tools to begin the discipline of Yoga and combine its benefits inside and outside the golf course. Classes tailor yoga to the needs of golfers, and classes focuses on: breathing (pranayama) to increase concentration and focus, to combine movement and swing with the rhythm of breathing, asanas (poses) to prevent injuries, improve posture and develop flexibility, mobility, balance and strength in muscle groups involved in the mechanics of the golf. All immersed in nature, in the green of the golf courses!

"Golf & Yoga" @ Golf Club I Salici (Treviso -TV)

"Golf e Yoga" @ Asolo golf club (Asolo - TV)

"Yoga for Golfers" with Cultural Organization FUORI LIMITE @ Golf Ca' Della Nave (Martellago - VE)

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